Pobar has been building custom rollcages and frames since 1998. We can custom build rollcages to fit any tractor to be built to SFI spec 47.1, 47.2 & 47.3 required by many different pulling organizations. We work with the tractor owner to build a cage that is best suited to their needs and the requirements of the organization that they pull with.

Pobar can build custom chrome moly tube frames for any type of pulling vehicle. We have built many frames for Super-Farm, Modified, Pro-Stock, and Super Stock tractors. We also have experience in building frames for Two-Wheel drive pulling vehicles.

Pobar builds many different individual components for your pulling vehicle including Frame rails, Wheelie Bars, Hydraulic Steering systems, and rollcage kits.

If you are in need of a well built rollcage or frame for your pulling vehicle give us a call 402-826-3941 and we can talk with you about all of your options.